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 The Main Plot

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PostSubject: The Main Plot   Tue Sep 15, 2009 2:25 pm

Darkness swirled, it was there, chaos; the beginning of it all. From nothing but emptiness came the hands of life; a new world. Barren soil formed, lush green plants rooted in, growing into monuments of greatness. Floods tore into the landscape, birthing formations, leaving crystal pounds of purity. It all spawned from a hollow spot, a world of glory; a world of life. A beginning of untold power has been described in only one phrase; the essential essence, The Quintessence, had a wish of life.

As the young world matured, many creatures broke into existence. Of the many beings spawned, first came the elder children; the origin of humanoids. Before all others came the Leonals, those who were birthed through the purest of nature; its mark was ever retained in infinite purity. They were eldest of the old, those of creation. Following the children of creation, the next race was birthed: those who questioned for and pushed into the future with their own hands, not understanding the consequences of their progress. They were the children of destruction; they were the Blastonians. The elder races lived and thrived in separation, each with a world of it’s own design. Leonals, ever pure, acquainted themselves with the simplicity of nature, surrounding themselves with few structures. The Blastonians dwelled within cities of stone architecture, that were erected with quick regard for the hands of time. The older of the two became well practiced in the art of magic, while its younger sibling became adept in the art of machine crafting. The two races became cornerstones for civilizations that contrasted like day and night; perhaps these differences forged the balance that all was built upon and that all once sat upon.

As time pushed forward, the sibling races followed their paths, which converged in rare brilliance. As memories of the natural order faded, the eldest two slowly began to find themselves walking on the same path, more and more. An occurrence of great influence on the future followed each meeting. With the First Convergence came a splendid mix of magic and machine; the mighty servants of the Blastonians, the May’cu, were forged. With these giants, a system of metropolises were carved into the world of the Blastonians. As such a civilization began to emerge, the Leonals remained ever content in harmonious life with nature. Though the general population of the eldest were indifferent to their sister race’s progress, some grew immensely curious and slowly pulled the siblings together once again. This break in isolation would be known as the Second Convergence and from such an event came a new race built upon old blood. Part Blastonian, part Leonal -- the Hume-Leonals -- they were of the new pages, those with no meaning in balance, the children of neutrality. This new race was not viewed as a creation of grace but that of failure and disappointment. The magic of the Leonals had faded and the progressive urge of the Blastonians slip their understanding. Being so foreign to both races, the Hume-Leonals were shunned by the Leonal; all while they detested the Blastonians for their ignorance to the nature that surrounded them.

After such a new race was born, all three races left each to their own designs, and three new paths were wrought into the timeline, each weighing heavy upon the new age that was drawing ever closers. Over the draining years, another race appeared, those who held distinct features all their own but still had the essence of the older beings. These beings soon became known as the humans. Ever progressive, the Blastonians continued to follow the path that they had carved so long ago. As a result each race began to grow in resentment towards them; the hume-leonal felt the hatred of their birth growing, the humans suffered an incurable desire to grow, and the Leonals were driven by the instinct that their siblings had thrown away so long ago. The fragile balance soon snapped, and in ignorance, an attack on the Blastonians of catastrophic magnitude was unleashed, leaving the elder race all but extinct. This was to be the Third and final Convergence. From this the greatest creation was born -- the balance of all races -- the weapon of kings -- the right hand of destruction and left hand of creation. These held the final piece of quintessence, the pureness that had created the world...

Time has passed, and worn at the former structures, humans and hume-leonals reigning supreme. A new machine has surfaced as a ruling power. The machine, seeking to create a balance of its own, has already began to assail and eliminate the Leonals, decreasing their numbers and scattering the survivors; few remain. In this time, five other governing bodies have come into play, and have begun to war between each other and challenge the human device: the Omega Server. As war sped through in its bloody brilliance, three factions have risen to be seen as the most devastating powers: the Omega Server with a new breed of humans, the Exo-humans; the Aria Alliance, a series of different nations, each with their own races unified under one banner; and the Paladins, a ruling body of Hume-Leonals that have come to accept their mixed blood and use the best of it for all within their borders, excluding the Leonal, who suffer from their descendants fury. As the conflict escalated, those under the Aria Alliance pulled from the front line, and from this the seventh faction stemmed, not wanting to give in; the Resistance was born wanting to end this age of great war and strife. The new faction, not surrendering, is allowing manual aid to come from the Omega Server. As an age of darkness looms on, the hands of power have been lost to time, new races join the world of conflict and strange figure now walk the earth -- appearing to be the lost Blastonians reborn. Perhaps this time of misery will come to be the rebirth of the lost essence - the Quintessence.
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The Main Plot
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