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PostSubject: Malquiora*   Sat Sep 26, 2009 8:51 pm

General Information:
Name: Malquiora

Race Hume-Leonal

Faction Paladin

Nickname/Alias: Malquiora the Destructor

Weight: 232 lbs.

Height: 6' 2"

Age: ?

Gender: Male


Personality: Malquiora is an extremely disciplined man, who had recently become detached and comely. However, his strict training procedures always bid him top notch in the quest for dominance in the fields of battle wether he must fight from a distance, or head to head combat; he always excels his enemies in all aspects of war. He is extremely terfe, brief and to the point.

However, Malquiora’s basic personality exists only for it’s required to live on in one way or another. He only treats those around him the way he does for he wishes to survive for as long as he can. Living off the fact that only the strong can survive may be true to a point but he knows that with strong alliances and bonds one can survive without being the strongest around. He comes off as cold, and as caring, depending on which side of his smile you land. The only way for him to show you respect and true kindness is to earn his trust and become close to him. Those whom aren’t close to him are those who will perish upon crossing him. He knows that to protect those he loves he must destroy those he hates. He has earned a name, a bounty and a lifestyle he never really wanted. But it’s his curse, it’s his legend.

Malquiora’s kindness can quickly disappear as the urging bloodlust might surface, sending him into a state of true madness. He doesn’t care to an extent of whose blood he spills so long as he spills someone’s blood. There’s a demon within his mind that lurks within the shadows, that demon is what his mother raised him to be. The killer with no remorse, with no regret, with no conscious. He’s killed many for they have insulted him, or mocked him. A sign of disrespect towards him could be asking him to run his blades through your veins. His mind will change the distinctive Leonal blood boiling within him as his hatred for existence of Blastonians arises. He’ll cut you down before you’ve realized you’ve pissed him off.

To the ones he loves and respects. Since he’s lost all family he’s sought out knew family to replace those he lost. Taking in one to his heart for whom he loves. Another whom he owes and respects, and another who he swore to protect. The ones whom he considers trustworthy and allies to his cause are more than safe. He would gladly die for them; anything to keep his new family alive isn’t too much of a cost to him. His heart may not welcome most, but those whom it does are those who will live on forever in this world and in his everlasting soul.

His love for art and culture ever apparent in his life. He discovered many beauties in the world, not all are so easily seen, one must look through the things that mask them, and see the real insides and ambitions. He relates that much to himself at times. Malquiora had grown attached to the music and arts of classical musics rather then listen to modern music. He loves the lifestyle they lead and would love to join them one day in the future.

Nature is another thing he has grown to love in his love. Malquiora surprisingly loves the animals of the woodlands and the peaceful lives they lead. Sure a struggle of life is there, but still the beauty of peace resides within it still. He loves the song birds and the small woodland creatures that reside around fear of those whom threaten them. He would gladly try and help them as much as he could, when ever he got the opportunity.

Despite all of his rational and erratic behavior, there is always one statement that will forever stand by the presence of Malquiora.

~ 'Kings, conquerors, tyrants. All of them are remembered in history.. Not soldiers.' ~

Skill Information:

Skill Specialty: Magic, Melee Weaponry Mastery.

Affinity: Destruction

Special Characteristics: Magical abilities. Superhuman strength. Blue, glowing eyes. IQ over 500, strategic genius. Nuclear energy abilities. Only engineer who knows how to craft a Bio-Mech.

History/RP Sample:[/u][/size]

History/Background Story: Malquiora was strictly born into the war-torn world whose communities were shattered with the burning ambition to further prideful significance without reason. Growing up, Malquiora under-took apprenticeship at the side of one of the most powerful Leonal's in existence. His name, Aroiuq`. Under strict seership and severe mental training throughout years of practice and pain, Malquiora gained an ability that Hume-Leonal's were only rumored to have. The ability to produce magic. With this, he conquered completely, those whom stood in his path, abiding by the code that no man should ever be put before one's own life. No woman, nor child shall be spared if they are of the enemies gene. That all whom try to erectify or bring righteousness to a world in which peace and tranquility, shall never exist; even if the mouth of eternity whispers their names forever. It is unknown of Malquiora's age, as of now. He is obviously grown, distraught, toned and muscular at that. Somewhere along the lines however, Malquiora joined the faction known as 'The Paladins.' whom were said to grant great strength, cause, reasoning and even a new purpose to live life itself; for all who didn't fight, were killed. Around the time of his adjurnment, his former mentor and closest relative, Aroiuq` was murdered by a group of Blastonians. This put Malquiora in a submissive break down, as his emotions of pain and misery began to eat away the love and security that had previously been implanted into the heart of himself. As the rush of hate began to flow in his veins, he had murdered the group, as well as destroyed an entire city in an excerise of massive proportions. That, which power would equal to cataclysmic destruction - worldwide.

This power, later confirmed by Malquiora himself, was known as his very own personal dietic quality which was the most powerful and dangerously corrosive energy known to human, or mechanical-kind. Nuclear energy. Eventually, Blastonians came to fear Malquiora and titled him as: Malquiora the Destructor.

Rp Sample: Born into a world of hatred, destruction and pure chaos, the young Akumu would live a legend. Before being conceived his mother would behold several dreams of pure terror, an image starting as a boy would grow old, killing those who crossed him, destroying what stood in his way. She feared the thought of ever crossing such a man, even if she was an Akumu she’d never seen the real terror’s this world hid within it. Only a week after the nightmares began she would become pregnant, and through out the pregnancy she would continue to hold these dreams within her subconscious. It was the night before his birth that she had come to realize. This nightmare was a warning, of the prodigy of destruction that was within her very body. During the day of his birth, the heavens would crash and rage on with hatred. The storm was a rarity no doubt, as the waves crashed into the shore, the lightning would tear through the sky. Thunder echoed and rolled throughout the surroundings as the rain would attempt to cleanse the earth of its evils. Despite the heaven’s attempts they failed, the boy would be born; the name would be bestowed upon his legend.

Shingai Kujo Akumu

His name would mean Terror, Destruction, Nightmare. Such a fitting title to one destined to be the demon that brings great nations to their knees. Feeling the urge to abandon her son she sought council from the Village of Mist. She had strong alliances there, friends that could be of great use, so she traveled there with the infant. She sought out the council, and within time her questions would be answered, all fairly similar to each other. Everyone of Mist had grown curious to the prodigy before them, seeing their old ways return to them. The title of Bloody Mist wouldn’t be completely lost in the eyes of the elders. They told her to enroll him in the Academy when the age was right, she asked why? But they wouldn’t give an answer to that, so she would return to the Akumu Village to her family and friends. So the beginning of the end was before them, soon enough he was a walking talking child. He would begin the studies of the Akumu at an early age, at the choice of his father who never played a large role in his life.

The boy earned the respect of his father quickly when he took up the art of the blade. He would practice in his spare time with his father, learning what he could whenever he could. In the early years he never knew of what was evil, he only knew of what he wanted and when he wanted it. When he wasn’t practicing swordplay he would be learning the details to the Akumu clan, he took the oath of a warrior promising his soul to the clan. He learned the oath, and would live by it, knowing that to cross one of his elders could lead to his own destruction. It had been six years since he was born now, and soon he would be enrolled in the Mist Academy. His mother begged her husband and the clan not to let him be enrolled, not to carry on the legend. No matter her wishes, no matter how much she pleaded her husband would take Shingai to the Mist Village it was there where they would stay while he was enrolled.

Within the first year of his enrollment in the Academy Shingai would come to realize what cold intentions the world has for him. He had been learning in the ways to defend those who are defenseless but within thought these ways are also the same ways to destroy those that stood before you. Shingai was unsure of what to believe of this finding of his, so he would go to ask his father of the situation. His father a warrior of the Akumu would explain to him that not all things are as they seem, one is taught something in one way only to be used in a different way. Only he could decide what would happen in the outcome of his own training. Shingai was taught that he held his own fate in his hands, something that he would soon abuse the ability to control. Learning quickly he would come to realize that the elements weren’t really his taste or ability, he was far greater with taijutsu than ninjutsu. He had also come to realize that genjutsu wasn’t his style either. While training in these arts, still in his first year he would come to know a girl, her name Hinagiku. He wouldn’t talk to her much for that year, for he never really had the courage in him to talk to others, let alone females.

Within the next year though, he had grown a little more, and decided he would sit next to her one day in class. As he got to know her he would realize she was quite well taught in etiquette and many other things. Such little things would begin to build up within the relationship that had begun to form. The young Akumu would honor her with all of his trust, for she had shown him the same respect the elders of the Clan call for. The years of the academy would pass on and the graduation day would be nearing. In these times Shingai had seen a few Anbu around the Village of Mist, he took interest into their Masks. He asked his father about the masked men and was given a full description of their duties, his father then showed him how the masks were made. Within time Shingai himself would learn how to make a porcelain mask of his liking. He had learned though to never make a mask to similar to that of an Anbu, for his first mask fairly resembled one, and when he stepped outside a ninja quickly stopped him and destroyed the mask. The lesson would be learned, though his hard work had been put into it he would not care. Only information was gained from that experience of Shingai’s. So he began work on a new mask, one that could truly bare the legend that he was. Creating a mask resembling that of a demon slayer of lore, Shingai would be proud of his creation.

It had been a few months since Shingai’s academy class graduated and became Gennin of Mist. He had gone on a few missions with the young Hinagiku and a few other ninja. Training his skills as a warrior no doubt were his intentions. But it was only a few days after that Shingai’s father decided to return to the Akumu Village. Shingai left with him to meet with his old friends and family, he had no intentions of staying in the Akumu Village though. Upon returning he would be cursed by his estranged mother who had gone insane while he was away. Her nightmares had returned and driven her to a point of insanity that no-one could return from. One night he would awake to the sound of her screaming in tongue once more. He would enter the bedroom where his parents reside; there she stood her hands drenched in blood, a dagger clenched in her right hand. His father laid drowning in a pool of his own blood, his mother would turn to him, calling him to her in a creepy way. He wouldn’t move, she grew closer to him, dagger drenched in his father’s blood tight in her hand. She raised it up and went to strike down into his skull, that’s when he sunshined away he ran out into the village screaming for help. She would be right behind him, he tripped over a rock, falling face first. He would roll over looking up as he tried to crawl backwards away from her. There she stood over him, dagger high in the air, she began to bring it down when a katana would come slicing through her right arm, severing it. It would then stab through her stomach as a man would speak from the shadows. “You’ve dishonored the Oath,” he spoke, as Shingai cried his family now dead, his life would never be the same.

Never did she think that this boy would grow up to be the demon of a legend, that it all was her own fault. The nightmares were in fact a warning, a warning to her, to keep her calm and collective self so she could keep him innocent, but no she brought the destruction upon herself. So it began that night, the night of his parents’ death that Shingai would become Shingai no Kujo. A demon of lore would be what he became; no-one would ever believe that this demon came from such a kind hearted child. So his suffering would continue, the boy would leave the Akumu Village, his tears never to return to him. He would wander out in search of Mist once more; it would take around five months before he found it. He had never really known the path; his father was the one who guided him all those times. Finally reaching the Village of Mist he would meet up with Hinagiku and his team. He would seem distant and cold, he never told them of his suffering, and he tried to place it behind him. But within time word would travel to the Village of Mist. The two boys he was teamed with would soon mock him for being the unwanted one of a crazy mother. He was driven into a rage of hatred for them, he was leaving with them for a mission, Hinagiku was to meet them at the gate. When she arrived she would see a boy standing there, wearing a mask of a demon, his blades drenched in blood. She froze, and then realized that it was in fact Shingai. Taking his mist headband from out of his pocket, he held it out to her as a symbol of apology for his actions. She accepted the action, and it was then when the boy would sunshin away from the bloody scene, his kill count had only begun.

Keeping his mask upon his face the young lad would begin the journey to the destiny and fate his mother had locked in. A failed attempt to save her son, sent him farther down the path of what she feared. Could anyone really stop the demon that now resided within the boy known as Shingai no Kujo. He fled by boat to the main land of countries, he knew very little of his surroundings and knew that he wouldn’t be able to settle down for some time. The Mist Shinobi Hunter would be nipping at his heels for some time. So he landed in the Land of Tea, it was here where he began to realize what he was and what he would become. His bloodlust would soon begin and the kill count would slowly rise. As he wandered the Land of Tea he would eventually find himself within the Land of Fire. He knew this was Konoha’s country, but he was unsure to Konoha’s and Mist’s relations. So he chose to continue his traveling for now. It was only that fateful day that the Shinobi Hunters would finally get a good scent of Shingai. Finding him in the city of Otafuku Gai they would attack, injuring him only slightly. He would manage to escape just barely and continued to flee. Entering the Land of Grass he had no time to stop, he just kept running, in hopes of finding shelter soon for his injury was getting worse. He was making some distance between himself and the Shinobi Hunters for he wasn’t sleeping unlike them, he just kept running on instincts. He would land himself in the Land of Earth, near the Village of stone. It was here where he stumbled upon a girl of the Stone Village, her name was Pandoru. His injury that was once small had become much worse he approached her with caution, his mask still worn upon his face, he rarely removed it. It was here when the Shinobi Hunters finally had him cornered. As he talked to Pandoru they arrived, no questions would be asked they quickly went on the assault. Shingai would refuse to allow them to harm her; she had done nothing wrong in her life. It hadn’t helped that he had been injured and never bothered to rest as he fled them before. He would be severely injured in this go around with the Shinobi Hunters. But just as they went to deliver the final blow, two Jounin of Stone arrived killing the Hunters. Pandoru would aid in Shingai’s medical treatments, she seemed rather shy to him, and yet she seemed to be rather caring for people. During the healing process the Iwa Shinobi removed his mask revealing his face. He gave his name to her as a sign of gratitude. She would return the favor with her own.

For two months he would reside within the Village of Stone, requiring medical aid from their finest. He promised to pay them one day for what they had done for him. He’d grown to give his trust to yet another female he had grown to know. She had helped him survive an obstacle in his life that should have brought him to his grave. He would forever be grateful to that and swore on his life that when he could, he would show her his thanks for her kindness. His affection wouldn’t be the same that he felt for the young girl back in Mist. This red headed beauty was only a few years younger than Shingai but seemed to be a more useful friend than anything else. The moment he was able to walk, the young Akumu would make a promise, he vowed to protect her in anyway he could, the first he would never share the secrets of the Village of Stone to anyone. Second, he swore to find her again one day and repay her for all that she had done for him. It was with that, that he would make his way back on the road. His mask placed back on his face, new scars on his body and new cloths obtained. On his way once more, the boy doomed to wander it would seem. He made his way through the Land of Waterfall and then into the Land of Fang. It was here in the Land of Fang where he would stay and rest for a week’s time. He enjoyed the culture of a non ninja country for the first time. He began working on two new masks while he rested, one of black and one of white. The new masks would be more of a playful expression to him than the mask he had been regularly wearing. Placing the white mask now on his face he would begin his travels, leaving the Land of Fang behind moving on into the Land of Ricefields. He was unaware of the Village of Sound’s existence. Let alone a chance of being hunted once more.

A shinobi hunter and a young one at that of the Sound Village would confront Shingai on his journeys. Not because of his history but because of a simple misunderstanding. Shingai wouldn’t try to reason with the Hunter, he had a strong distaste for these Hunters. He would simply trick lure and kill the boy of Sound. But upon further investigation he found he was no Shinobi Hunter, but a young Gennin who dreamed of being one. Shingai would not bury the foolish boy’s body he saw no reason to. He continued his journeys eastward and slightly to the north, finding himself in the Land of Claw. As he entered yet another Non Ninja country he would begin to understand things in nature far greater. It had been a year now since he left Iwa, and he had been spending his time out with the birds. Listening to their beautiful melodies and harmonies, Shingai may be a killer, yet the true innocence has joined him in the end. He stayed within the Land of Claw for sometime, studying the birds that flew around sharing their beautiful tunes with anyone willing to take the time to listen. He learned to respect the birds around him he found a quaint feature in them. They’re everywhere yet rarely ever noticed, or acknowledge, much like himself, they move like shadows, always there, so it’s never to different when they move. He particularly took to the blue jays and cardinals, both full of pride, both so beautiful.

A year had passed and he made his way farther north. Shingai had found his way into the Land of Thunder, a predominately aggressive Shinobi Nation. Known to act more absurd in their ways towards other Nations. Shingai had also found himself nearing the end of his money. He would hope to find the Ninja Village and begin work so he could earn money, he owed too much. His clan needed donations; he owed Pandoru and the Stone Village as well. Upon entering the Capital of the Country he would write a detailed letter to the leader of the Cloud Village. Within a few days a letter of response would arrive for Shingai. He read it over, it seemed that the Raikage was named Tieren Drasani, he seemed like the peaceful guy. So Shingai would respond for an escort to the Village so they could meet, Shingai’s name had not yet reached the Land of Thunder keeping his past a secret to Cloud. Soon enough two Jounin of Cloud would arrive in the Capital and escort the white mask baring Shingai to Cloud. It was there where he met Tieren Drasani a cheerful young chap, rather a bit young to be a leader but none the less ambitious. Within hours of interigation and questioning Shingai had kept his cool and kept his past a secret to those who reside in Kumogakure. He was offered a headband of Kumo and was offered the chance to be a Gennin. He knew it would be the fastest way to make any money, so he accepted it. He would wear the headband loose around his neck. He didn’t want it on his head, for his mask would be in the way, and the two would clash far too much. So he would wear it like a necklace and be slightly proud of it.

As he became a Gennin of Kumo he would begin to understand the Ninja ways once more. Acting within a team wasn’t something he had wished for, so he chose to do very small easy missions for the time being. Keeping himself low key on the radar of the shinobi world. As he trained and wandered Kumo he met a girl, she was young and seemed like a younger and female version of him. Her name was Kana, she was a young Gennin of Kumogakure. He introduced himself to her, allowing her to slowly earn his respect. He had taken quite an interest in the young girl, she seemed to have gone through the same suffering in a way that he had, but not as far. But she was still young, and still had time to suffer, just as he has. So the two would begin to talk and get to know even more, Shingai didn’t share much of his history with her, he shared the loss of his family but nothing of the Hidden Mist Village, or the Hidden Stone Village to her. He had his reasons, he told no-one of Mist, and he swore to never reveal Stone to anyone. So the two would become close and in a spar to test her abilities Kana would use a Nara jutsu against him. It was there when he first became interested in the Nara Clan. The idea of manipulating one’s shadows could prove to be very useful for an assassin like him. He would ask her for the scrolls to the Nara techniques she had. She said she only had originals, and he promised to make copies, and so that is what he did, he would copy the information down from scroll to scroll as he finished he would hand Kana the originals and he kept the copies for himself. He thanked her for her trust in him, and praised her abilities as a shinobi. It was then where he made a promise to forever protect her. He saw her as a little sister of sorts, she was still rather young, and yet she suffered in many of the same ways as Shingai.

He would let her begin her training as he carried and trained the scrolls of the Nara Jutsu. He was feeling more and more at home here in the Land of Thunder. He didn’t mind being locked down on a short leash of the Village. He wandering the village one day and as he watched a song bird a boy in white would appear before him. All white, a hood masking his face, all but his mouth, where a grin seemed to reside. “May I ask you of your name?” Shingai asked the boy in white. He wouldn’t respond, nothing said, but a simple grin relaxing on the face of Kurogane Rokusho. The two would stand there on the streets of Cloud, both facing off, neither really in the mood to deal with each other. But Kurogane came for a reason; he had seen the boy around before and decided he needed to find out what his deal was. “My name is Kurogane Rokusho of Kumogakure,” the boy in white would state, he then would ask of Shingai’s name. He was afraid to answer Kurogane, for he had a suspicion rising about being caught for his past. “My name is Shingai,” he would state, hiding his last name from the boy in white. “You and I are the same,” Shingai would add, this threw Kurogane off for sure. “What do you mean?” he would ask in response. “You hide your face within the shadows of your hood, while I hide mine behind my many masks,” The words would be philosophical and quite well thought for such a short amount of time. “We both no doubt have suffered in the past, but it’s key not to dwell on such painful memories,” the added point would no doubt gain the respect of the White Cloaked Shinobi.

A year’s time had passed now and Shingai was offered the opportunity to join the Chuunin Exams with his fellow Gennin Team. He said he would gladly accept the offer once he spoke to his family. He had never told those of the Cloud Village that he was an Akumu yet, he had merely told them he was Shingai no Kujo. He would set off to the Land of Water in search of his homeland. A month’s travel it would require to reach the Island where the Akumu Village resided. He had entered the village with pride; offer a large amount of his Ryo as a Donation to the Village. One of the many respected Akumu had confronted him on the fact he had yet to learn any of the actual Akumu techniques. He had only learned and lived by their codes and honor system up till now. An argument would ensue from that point leading to the Elder quickly breaking the jaw of Shingai completely. Within time it would heal and the approval of joining the Chuunin’s would be granted. He was also given a large scroll containing the secret jutsu of the Akumu. He was to begin his training after the Exams and not return to the village until he had learned a majority of the jutsu, no matter the circumstance. So he would stay an extra week for he decided the time had come once more to begin crafting a new mask. The boy would sit in a small shack with a single light above him and no windows. So small it was more of a small shed if anything. He worked for a week on the new porcelain mask, the mask turned out to cover less of his face, and seemed more festive than anything. He would leave wearing the white mask that he crafted along with the black one. His journey back to Thunder would begin, and the start of the Exams were only two months away.

He would return to Cloud within a month since he left the Akumu Village. This left him with only a month to prepare and travel with his team to the Chuunin Exams which were being held in the Land of Tea. Within a few days of his return he was told to pack up once more and get ready to leave for a fight of his life. He would grin behind his white mask; the boy loved a good challenge, especially if he could kill his challenger. The bloodlust had been held in for sometime inside Shingai, he had the thirst once more, and these Exams would be sure to quench it more than enough. His team would travel with their Jounin Teacher all the way down to the Tea Country and when there they were told of the Exams he participated in when he was their age. Shingai would listen in hopes of gaining valuable information on the exams he was about to be a part of. Once they started, the first test would be one of the mind, something that would throw Shingai for a moment, but it was also a strong team test. His teammates would excel more in this test than he but all three had passed none the less. The second test of the Exams was a survival test, one that Shingai ahdn’t been run through by Ninja before. He’d killed several in his time but he’d never needed to worry about the creatures and the ninja. In this part he did not seek the items they were to obtain, he simply killed all of those who opposed him, his teammates would then search the bodies and find the items they needed. Shingai would add a total of six more bodies to his kill count before the third test could even begin. The teams were separated, now a battle of power, and art. A showing of skills of sort to those who chose to observe. Shingai would fight a very worthy opponenet from the Village of Mist ironicly. The two would fight to the extent of their power, but Shingai found a weakness in his opponent and quickly took advantage of it. Killing his opponent in cold blood as the Examiner attempted to intervene before he could deliver the final blow.

Shingai would be disqualified for his actions but would still none the less have passed the Chuunin Exams. His teammates would also die in the Third Round but they hadn’t had the chance to even try and surrender. The team was now the Jounin of Cloud and Shingai, so they would set off to home and report in about the loss of their teammates and the success of Shingai. Upon returning Shingai would be awarded the rank of Chuunin and placed off on his own, for the current Raikage no longer Tieren Drasani had seen that Shingai was far better on his own than with a team. So now the young boy of the Akumu Clan would be a Chuunin of Cloud, and an accomplished killer of the Ninja world. His bloodlust would only feed and fuel his way of life. Soon obtaining approval of doing traveling and training on his own Shingai would set off to the various Non Ninja Countries. It would be now where he would really become the beast he really is. Residing for two months in the Land of Sea Shingai would end up slaughtering half a village in a loss of control of his rage. Killing a total of seventeen innocent civilians the Chuunin of Cloud was soon to tarnish the village’s reputation. Once word of this reached the Raikage a Jounin team was sent to apprehend him and return him to Cloud. It was here in the Village of Cloud where he would be forced to stay until his trust would be earned once more. A few months would pass and Shingai would now be the age of nineteen years old. He had regained the trust to travel once more, but for now he would reside in Cloud until he figured out where to go from here. A calling was within his soul, but to where was it calling him to?

One Year's Time...

Over the past year Shingai Akumu had gone through a very dramatic change. Running into his old love of his life. Mikuru from Mist he would be sent through a parallel world breaking down his once strong and proud mental state. Shingai’s inner demon was unleashed and the world was no longer safe, as the psychotic killer had finally been freed from his cage. But Mikuru would learn ways to control him and manipulate his life. Using strong techniques of the Sharingan were one of the best ways to control this monster. She would first change his appearance to help hide him and manipulate him further. Cutting his hair and sending him through many surgeries to hide the scars and tattoos that he once took pride in. Adding to the change of his eye color the only thing left was his name. Shingai Akumu would hide in the shadows behind the new persona of Nara, Haseo. But before this whole change she would need to develop her Sharingan. So until then Shingai would continue to rampage throughout the country side killing many. The worste of his massacres was the small village in the Land of Fire, killing one hundred innocent people in the dark of night; this was a clear sign to Mikuru that Shingai was no longer the same and could never be the same again.

Once he had been controlled and changed they would return to the land of River, to the city of Moyoushi where he would now reside. What he did under the control of Mikuru is unkown to many, he was an enforcer to her, he would not care what the task was but he would do it without a question asked. As he stood by her side he would no longer hide his face behind the mask, for he was not Shingai Akumu, but Haseo Nara.

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