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 Bird of Peace [Asha's guardian]

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PostSubject: Bird of Peace [Asha's guardian]   Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:09 am

Asha's guardian does not actually have a name, but she refers to it as her "white dove" or sometimes, jokingly, her "guardian of peace" because of its general lack of aid.

bird [dove]

For the most part, the dove looks like an ordinary bird [albeit an albino one] -- white feathers, pink legs and beak, a rim of reddish iris around each beady black eye. It is no larger than the average pigeon and, except for an occasional attitude of allegiance towards its mistress, is utterly unnoticeable.
When it comes to Asha's protection, however, the dove's feathers take on a luminous glow, at once blinding and difficult to look away from; it appears to take on an actual spirit form, blurry and glowing white, with golden eyes. It does not, however, grow, change shape, or otherwise become suddenly incredible apart from its color change.

Asha's dove was discovered by her parents' guardians [which, by the by, were a falcon and a lion -- much more impressive] in the savannah, some time before Asha's birth. It was weak and sick, and if the guardians knew how it had come to be present in the savannah, they did not say. Thinking it an ordinary bird in need of aid, Asha's father attempted to tend to it with his healing power, but to no avail; it appeared to die late that night. Both parents were shocked to find it alive and well the next morning, not to mention glowing slightly, but both it and their guardians refused to explain what had happened. It vanished later that day.
When Asha was born, the dove appeared again, and her parents' guardians made it clear that the dove was to be Asha's own guardian. However, it rarely visited the family, and never gave Asha a method with which she could call it to her. Indeed, Asha cannot speak with the dove at all, although it seems to understand her.
It might be noted that Asha has only been saved by her guardian once, the sole time she was confronted with certain death. Even then, it only provided enough aid for her to rescue herself, rather than protecting her from harm.


The true extent of the dove's abilities are not known. It is clearly able to sense when Asha is in danger, and Asha suspects that -- because of its form and nature of appearance -- it has some sort of healing ability. However, it is a creature even more mysterious than Asha herself and its true talents -- not to mention its intent toward her -- is entirely unknown.

[yes, the dove has greater powers than i am revealing. this is a plot point in asha's character i want to leave open for the time being. i won't abuse this -- when i choose to develop this point or when development becomes necessary, i will pm pharos and any roleplayers who need to know with an explanation. in the meantime, the dove will only appear in crisis situations for asha, and only to save her from certain death.]
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PostSubject: Re: Bird of Peace [Asha's guardian]   Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:29 am

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Bird of Peace [Asha's guardian]
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