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 Laws of the Land [site rules]

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PostSubject: Laws of the Land [site rules]   Tue Sep 15, 2009 2:31 pm

laws of the land;;
everything you never needed to know about what to do on LQ


1) Be mature. Respect other members, don't pick fights, and generally try not to cause trouble. Idiocy and immaturity do no one any good, and we won't tolerate it.

2) If you have a problem with someone, take it to PM. Don't hang your dirty laundry in the Chatbox or bring your grudges into IC. If you absolutely cannot work your conflict out, contact an admin and we'll help you deal with it.

3) What the admin say, goes. You can trust us to do what's best for you; but on the flip side of the coin, we expect you to obey us. This includes any rulings we make over fights -- IC or OOC -- any developments we choose to make on the site, and any promotions or punishments we give to members. If you don't like it, leave. If you try to force the issue, you will be banned.
Oh, and here is a list of our lovely staff:
Pharos: site creator; head admin
Asha: RP veteran; resident snarky critic; assistant admin

4) Don't spam; that is, don't post more than one message at a time, and don't post chain messages or ads (outside of the ad board). There is an edit button. Use it.

5) Swearing and 'mature' topics are ok within reason, but...give people some warning. If you're involved in a mature RP or are discussing something disturbing in OOC, post it in the topic header, ok?



1) Follow basic roleplay conventions. For those unfamiliar:

  • Use proper grammar and conventions: no chatspeak, use punctuation and capitalization, and so on.
  • You write in 3rd person from a character's point of view. Regarding characters -- despies (desperates -- people who Really Need Love Or They Will Kill Themselves) and Mary/Gary Sues (I Am Incredibly Awesome and Cool) are not good characters: they don't help the roleplay and piss people off. In fact, the more flawed your character is, the more real he is -- which makes the RP 100x more awesome.
  • Distinguish between IC (in-character) and OOC (out-of-character) in your posts. Bracket off your OOC comments with something like (this), or ((this)), or OOc;{this}.
  • Don't powerplay, godmode or metagame. This means (a) don't make your character more powerful than everyone else -- believe me, it's not cool and, again, just pisses people off; (b) don't control other people's characters; (c) try to have things "make sense" within the context of the roleplay (ie your character takes a hit when he needs to take a hit, magic stones don't appear five hundred feet above the ground, etc. etc.); and (d) remember that even though you know everything, your character doesn't necessarily.

2) In order to RP here, you need to register a character by posting their bio and having it approved by a mod. You may have up to 5 characters on a basic level; if you want more, you need to PM a staff member, who will review your case and tell you if you're allowed.

3) If you have certain requirements on a thread (for instance, if it's going to be a more mature RP or if you want to establish a posting order) make sure you mention it in the title or first sentence or so of the post. The thread starter has basic control over their thread (although they still have to obey staff in it.)



Thank you for your time, and have fun! <3


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Laws of the Land [site rules]
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