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 Crystal Cat

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The Cat of Crystal

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PostSubject: Crystal Cat   Sun Sep 27, 2009 12:04 pm

General Information:
Name: Shirou

Race Leonel

Faction Resistance

Nickname/Alias: Crystal Cat

Weight: 140 lbs

Height: 5'10"

Age: Looks 12

Gender: Male

Looks: Hair is white with clear blue eyes. He commonly looks sad or emotionless no matter how he feels. His ears droop sadly and his eyes are always shimmery and wide. His ears are the same color as his hair except a little bit platinum blue. His hair is rainey and always down. He commonly wears a horizontally striped black and white T-shirt, with a blue and black colored trench coat with on sleeve short (right) and one sleeve long(left), the black showing where the pockets are on the coat. Elastic belts run around the long sleeved arm, from from to back. It is elastic so it allows free movement of the arm anyways. He also wears black slacks and sneakers.

Personality: He is commonly sad looking, and almost always has a frown or scowled on his face. It is involuntary, he has a rough history where this kind of look was good for him. He tends to be happy, however, he always looks sad which makes people feel sorry for him... or maybe look down on him. He can be very agressive, not afraid to use magic to hurt someone who deserves it.

Skill Information:

Skill Specialty: Magic

Affinity: Both Creation and Destruction, nore towards creation though.

Special Characteristics: Shirou can turn any natural matter into crystal, and make it become powder of crystalite material. He can bend crystal to his will and stuff like that, causeing it to grow and shrik as he sees fit. All crystal he makes has the cutting power of broken glass.

History/RP Sample:

History/Background Story: He was borned and raised for about 4 years of his life. His dad was an overly defensive man who would defends him from allthings harmful and his mom was the one who taught him combat, being a free spirit. However his parents conflicting personalitie ended up being the death of them both. The Supercomputer's forces took over the territory and executed them mercillessly. Before Shirou was killed, he discovered his special trait, and killed the attackers, making his escape just before his territory was destroyed. He swiftly took to the wild, barely surviving the hell of nature. He did, however, learn his affinity towards combat. He is always sad now, because of his family being dead, however, he took up being a part of the resistance later on in life to destroy the super computer's troops.

RP Sample:

(From Arrancar Dynasty a fight that was never fought completely)

Shunjuku had finally gotten his new uniform, but sadly, he was now on a hollow or soul hunt. He was really hoping to get some hollows' powers. Or some little soul energies. He chuckled. He wore an open captain's jacket. It exposed a tatoo he recently got around the day he became an Arrancar. It was a five, some kind of special ink or something because it sealed back a lot of reiatsu. He was using this seal to attract lesser hollows. Apparently it took a long time and a lot of power to obtain the power level of an arrancar. So when a hollow saw one just wandering around they were on a hunt right for him.

And there a small troop of them stood. A large amount of Gillians. The newbies. He smirked as he slowly drew his large Zanpakuto. He wasn't trying to be slow... but the sheer size of his Zanpakuto was harsh, it would be even longer if he wasn't controlling the size. He suddenly felt another spiritual pressure as well. He looked around to find his opponent.
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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Cat   Sun Sep 27, 2009 1:08 pm

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Crystal Cat
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