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 Bliss (Complete)

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PostSubject: Bliss (Complete)   Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:39 pm

General Information:
Name: Setoshi Daedalus

Race Blastonian

Faction The Resistance

Nickname/Alias: "Master of the Keys" , "Technical Warfare" , "Plague Spreader"

Weight: 167 lbs

Height: 6'3

Age: 23

Gender: Male


Setoshi is a very tricky and sly person when it comes to combat. He uses his calm features as a means to keep his opponent guessing on what his next move may be. When in combat he views his and his opponents battle strategies as if it where a game of chess, usually stating "Sorry, but that last move as a knight has set you straight into a path of destruction and sorrows by my lustrous Queen" Setoshi is an intense thinker, but he is by no means slow in coming up with a strategy, even when faced with a life or death situation he'll use either his mid or inventions to find a way out. He thinks on his feet, spending the first chunk of a battle to completely measure his opponent before deciding the best way to take him down. He is vicious a very glorious man, not wanting to kill a man, but will if push comes to shove, yet if he doesn't kill his opponent he will leave them on the brink of death. However, he is not cruel, any and all kills he makes are quick and as painless as he can make them. While in combat he usually is the general or as he sees it "The King", in chess. He'll have his allies be set at strategic points that best suit there capabilities and work well against his opponents weakness. In the heat of battle he prefers not to fight, but if he sees an ally in trouble he will work with them to help accomplish there main goal.. He will fight anyone but children, purely because he wants them to grow and become a real threat so that their death will be a greater honor down the road.

Interaction with people:
Setoshi rarely is seen in public, not due to him being shy, but because he knows that the longer he waits the stronger his opponents will get. He is extremely charismatic, but it goes more deeply than that. His blunt honesty and ability to read people allows him to get deep inside people's heads fast. He can figure someone out simply through their mannerisms, physical appearance, reactions, and even what they say. With this he can either break them with a few sentences or get a woman to fall for him easily. This comes in handy often, as it allows him to pull cons and gain trust without all that much in the way of effort.

Skill Information:

Skill Specialty:
- Main: Forging,
- Sub: Weaponry
- Sub: Swordsmanship
- Sub: Machinery

Affinity: Neutral

Special Characteristics:
Through the events after a two-year war a demon was released onto the battle field, through the help of several Leonals, they have sealed the demon into his right arm. The sealed demon has transformed his right arm into a demonic appendage, and causes him pain at random intervals, and will until he has fully mastered it. With the demon sealed in his right arm, as opposed to his body in general, Setoshi is less affected by the demonic suggestions that transformed the demon into a new form into what he had become, and Setoshi can suppress the demonic whispers with his mental fortitude.

The sealed arm has grown a red-and-blue carapace, reminiscent of the black carapace that formerly engulfed the demons entire body save only on Setoshi's right arm. The carapace is durable enough to defend against most bladed weapons, increases the physical strength in Setoshi's right arm, and continually pulses with electrical energy which can be freely used. The sealed demon also gives Setoshi an increased Electron level when he draws upon the demon's power, and allows him to use certain Lightning techniques which must originate from his right arm.

History/RP Sample:[/u][/size]

History/Background Story:
Within the Beginning Arc. Setoshi was born into a family of riches, always getting what he wanted even if he didn't want what was given, yet this was not the life style that he liked nor chose. Thus, at the age of thirteen allowing himself to carry on his life as a run away. On his young journey he discovered much about himself and his families culture, the fact that his parents tried to keep the fact that he was a Technological Genius who hailed from the Native Race, Blastonian. After a year or so of traveling and moving from town to town, Setoshi finally returned to his homeland only to find chaos and destruction. A war was taking place as he spoke and his family where amongst the battle, just before him both his parents where slaughtered to a bloody pulp by the machines. Setoshi stood hiding, horrified by the massacre that was happening before him. Just as he though it was over he began to make his escape, but was found by the General of the Omega Server, Setoshi reasoned with the man, as king him to make him apart of there organization. The man saw potential in the boy and took him in as one of his own.

In the Belly of the Beast Arc.
Nine Years . . . Nine long, Painful, heart wrenching years, was how long Setoshi played apart of the Omega Server's Plan. The took his body to the extremes, first breaking his spirit and soul, then implanting one of there own, one of Pain, of Hatred, and most of all one of War. The Omega Server focused on Setoshi's Technical Prowess, developing his body so that it was fit for any type of battle, whether it be on land, Water, Jungle, Air, even Landscapes. Setoshi was practically brainwashed, except for a key item he made when he was first captured, a Blue Print of the Omega Server's Base and his memory, it's implanted inside of his head.

The Escape Arc. Nine Years, Four Battles, Four Wins, an estimated 500 Kills later, the long forgotten Memory Chip activated it's self while Setoshi was roaming a round there base. Instantly he knew what he needed to do, Escape unharmed. As the alarms sounded as an escape was being made, the lingering thought of being captured raced throughout the young mans mind. Yet, as that thought occurred, Setoshi made it into freedom, as he walked amongst the lands of the free Setoshi thought of how the Omega Server had made there ultimate weapon. Since then, Setoshi has attempted to Join the Resistance, yet now word of his entree or denial has been said.

Rp Sample: As the light of the delighted sun illuminated the grounds of the forest within the Fire Country the winds blew gently from the East, Cherry Blossom petals gracefully floated to the ground as an eerie silence hung in the air. Within a quick flourish of the wind, some Cherry Blossom petals began to swirl around in a min-tornado, then before the old Cherry Blossom tree stood a young man. His short Grey hair slid spiked up in the front, but laying loosely toward the back of his head, a long black sheath strapped to his back, this almost nearly meaning this was a ninja of some sort. A Red hooded jacket placed underneath the man's black trench coat which hung to about his ankles, this occupying his upper region of his body, as the lower region being occupied with Deep Grey Jeans.

The man looked around the area, his Deep Grey eyes piercing the surroundings as if he was looking through and at each and every object within the lands. He turned his attention to his right arm, this Arm of his not being of normal stature, this being the result of experimentation gone wrong mixed with the Demonic powers of the Demon it's self. As he spread his demonic fingers a series of sparks emitting from them, quickly he clenched his hand into a fist, instantly his whole arm started to course with Electricity. A broad smile spread across his face, but it quickly vanished as he grabbed his arm with his left. An expression of pain now on his face, but as quickly as it came it vanished. The man giving out short gasps as he tried to gather air throughout his body, "Damn this arm, with the power it brings, it also brings pain. . ." Says the man trailing off as he leaned back against the tree, releasing his right arm.

The man closed his eyes, although this would be seen as a stupefying action within the Ninja world, but this ninja knowing this all to well, him allowing his chakra to flow at an increased rate to his Ears, Nose, and Hair amongst his body. This amplifying all of his other senses so that it painted a sort of picture within his mind of his surroundings. "Hmm, seems like people just can't stay away from home to long. . .The man said in a low voice, speaking to himself, as it may have seemed. In his boredom the man sent a steady flow of electricity to his Demonic Arm, this causing them to heat to a very hot degree, the man then proceeded to carve the letters "S & B" into the bark of the young Cherry Blossom Tree. After leaving his mark he proceeded to reach in his ninja tool pocket.

Instantly he threw four kunai at an accelerated rate, each sent dead in-front of him where about 200 feet another man walked toward him, apparently not seeing him. The Man then held his hands in the Monkey position, the kunai now beginning to swerve left and right in a transitive pattern. Although the man didn't blink making this seem like a Genjutsu in the making, it wasn't, this man controlling them somehow or someway.
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PostSubject: Re: Bliss (Complete)   Sun Sep 27, 2009 5:53 pm

approved =]

. "...no healing power can save those already dead."
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Bliss (Complete)
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