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 May'cu Template *Blastonians*

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PostSubject: May'cu Template *Blastonians*   Sun Sep 27, 2009 5:55 pm

**May'cu are creature created from machines and magic; they are designed in metal then given a soul by magic. The creatures take on different forms depending on the purpose they were made for; overall they follow there masters will to the last will. There have been times when a djinni has broken away form its master. **



Master: (who does it serve?)

Personality: (It can think on its own to an extent; how exactly does it think?)

Age: (How long has it been online for?)

History: (how was your djinn created? Did you make it or did you find it? This can be done through rp, just post the link instead)


Picture: (optional)



Base: (Is it based off any animal or machine in particular?)

Overall Appearance:


Purpose: (What was it built to do, fight, make cities, act as a spy, rub your feet?)

Weapons: (does it have any built in weapons?)

Other: (Is there something else it can do that doesn't fit these categories?)









[b]Picture:[/b] (optional)




[b]Overall Appearance:[/b]




[b]Other:[/b]  [/center]
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May'cu Template *Blastonians*
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