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 Character Template

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PostSubject: Character Template   Tue Sep 15, 2009 2:32 pm

You can modify the template if you want [I do], but please include all of this information.



Race: [see plotty threads for info about this]
Faction: [see plotty threads for info about this]
Affinity: [see plotty threads for info about this...I...think]

Body & Mind

Appearance: [you'll want to include, at the very minimum, their build, hair/eye color, clothing style, and special markings, but say as much or as little as you like.]

Personality: [include their basic personality...likes/dislikes...talents and weaknesses...quirks, etc.]

Battle & Specialties
*Note: Special Skillz need to be reasonable. Remember that we don't like Sues or powerplayers. You can have like...one special weapon and two powers, ish, for fighting purposes.

Weapons: [you get one Magical Awesome Weaponthing, but your character can know how to use other normal weapons for plot purposes.]

Powers: [magic and abilites and suchlike. You get two for battle purposes, to start with. Others have to be registered separately.]

Other Skills: [yanno, like...are they Supergood Hunters or something. This is mostly for plot/character development purposes.]


[what happened to them before the RP started?]

RP Sample

[just some post from another site. we just want to know that you can roleplay.]





[size=20][b]Body & Mind[/b][/size]



[size=20][b]Battle & Specialties[/b][/size]



[b]Other Skills:[/b]


[size=20][b]RP Sample[/b][/size]


Asha is sooo not a battle-style RP'er, so some other admin who knows more can come along and edit that part. =]]

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Character Template
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