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 Asha [revamp in progress]

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PostSubject: Asha [revamp in progress]   Sun May 02, 2010 6:59 am

Asha in fact still needs some love from her creator. Wink This profile was made before the info revamp and her Mysterious Former Homeland now has...an actual location. But as such her backstory needs to be edited accordingly; her creator just happened to abuse her Godly Admin powers a little and move her before she was quite ready. Rest assured I won't be using Asha or claiming her finished until her profile is fixed up.


Nickname; Chocolate -- alias on covert operations. Professionally, few know her real name.


33 [appears to be in her early 20's, and unless killed will probably live several hundred years]


None; sympathetic towards, but not allied with, the Resistance



Body & Mind

Asha is tall and slim; her almost sticklike figure belies a strength and grace she has cultivated from a very young age. Her skin is a dark, smooth chocolate color -- hence her alias -- and her ears are black, save a small white spot near the tip of her right one. Her tail, long and slim, is likewise black; her eyes are a pale green, odd-looking in her otherwise dark face.

Due to her need to move unseen in societies that despise her kind, Asha has cropped her white hair short and keeps it -- and her ears -- hidden underneath a cap or hood, while she wears long skirts to hide her tail. In the cities, her clothing typically reflects the current fashions; on the battlefield, she wears what armor she can carry without burdening herself; and for operations, she has a set of close-fitting black clothing and charcoal to disguise her hair and ears. By choice she would wear the clothing of her homeland -- loose-fitting, brightly-colored sleeveless tops and skirts, covered by undyed leather in the cold -- but realizes that this would make her stand out unnecessarily.

Asha carries a wooden bow and leather quiver; though brightly decorated after the fashion of her tribe, they are functional only in an ordinary sense. Ideally she would be rid of them, but as they are the only reminder she has left of her childhood, she refuses to toss them away. Her ears are pierced three times on the left and once on the right, and she enjoys threading chains and silver jewelry on them when she can leave her ears visible.

Height; 5'7"
Weight; 110-15ish lbs

Years of living in darkness have hardened Asha and taught her the value of discretion. She is a quiet, reserved woman who rarely shows emotion and seems unaffected by tragedy; however, she is also willing to take many astonishing facts at face value and, though she distrusts others immensely, is skilled in determining whether or not someone is telling her the truth. Conversely, very few people can tell what is going on behind her expressionless mask, and virtually no one can touch her heart. She has a very logical mind and seems to view events with a certain detachment.

Beneath her hardened exterior, Asha is actually a vibrant, intense woman who would shine brightly had her passions not been dimmed by years of disillusionment. Possessed of great courage and strong moral character, she is eloquent, charismatic, and not afraid to act. She has the makings of a leader despite her decision to act alone, and -- despite her self-effacing persona -- those who hire out or trade with her can sense this, and add it to the aura that makes her such a legend as Chocolate.


Battle & Specialties

Asha carries a wooden bow and leather quiver; though brightly decorated after the fashion of her tribe, they are functional only in an ordinary sense. She also has a variety of knives hidden on her person at all times.

magic -- healing
This is the talent Asha was born with as a Leonal, but one she has used rarely since the death of her parents. It has withered with this disuse, and -- unless she begins to practice once more -- is useful for little more than cuts and bruises. Oddly, this talent works equally well on plants.

guardian spirit -- white dove
Asha's guardian seems to have a mind of its own. She rarely sees it, and it seems content to leave her to fend for herself except in truly dire circumstances. Moreover, as a dove, its actual ability to protect her is rather in doubt.

Other Skills
For the two decades, Asha has been developing her skills in covert operation. She has cultivated a persona as Chocolate, the mysterious dark-skinned information broker, and can pass unseen in most walks of life despite her race and appearance. Moreover, she is able to survive in places most would consider insustainable, and can pass through wild land without leaving a trace. Though a skilled archer and of passing ability with daggers, she prefers not to resort to violence except when hunting.


the leaves have fallen
this shadowed land
this was our home
the river's dry
the ground has broken
now i must go -- now i must go...

Asha was born to a small, isolated tribe in the far south of Leonal territory. The tribe was made up of small families -- mother, father, children -- which remained solitary most of the time, coming together once every few months. Typically there were two or three children in a family, which dispersed between the ages of fifteen and seventeen to build a new family with another member of the tribe. In the harsh, unforgiving land of the savannah, few Leonals lived past the age of sixty.

A rare only child, Asha was adored if not doted on by her parents; they loved her, and each other, deeply, and trained her in both the pacifistic lifetstyle of their natures and the bleak harshness of their land. Though she used a bow from her first hunt at the age of six, Asha was taught to respect life and never stint the healing talent which she had inherited from her father.

The war arrived in the savannah when Asha was fifteen years old. It killed the animals that sustained the tribe and razed the land they cared for; but at first the families went untouched, and, hiding, hoped to escape with at least their lives. It was a vain hope: with the savannah utterly destroyed, the exo-humans turned to their primary targets and began hunting out the Leonals one by one. Asha thought she understood the meaning of a broken heart when she heard news of the death of a young tribe member she had hoped to live out her life with.

She was mistaken. Only days after this news reached her, the exo-humans discovered Asha and her parents. Torn between the instinct to protect their child and the equally strong urge to preserve life, Asha's parents stood in front of their daughter and tried to surrender -- but were cut down in front of Asha's eyes. The two exo-humans moved in on Asha, but she was saved by her guardian spirit for the first and only time, as the dove found a weak spot in one exo-human's armor and killed it, providing Asha with time to grab her bow and shoot down the second one.

Asha frantically tried to use her magic to save her parents, though no healing power could save those already dead; though she has not precisely forsworn magic, she never quite came to terms with how her talent failed her at this crucial moment, and has rarely used it since. Giving up at last, she left hiding to find that she was the only member of her tribe who still lived. She had no choice but to leave the relatively isolated land of her youth for the rest of the world.

Her people had not fared any better outside the savannah than they had within; indeed, the majority of Asha's race had been decimated years before her birth. After being alienated in several cities -- and, once, outright attacked -- she cut her waist-length white hair short and began hiding her tail and ears. She affected a quiet, effacing demeanor that left her unnoticed in most societies and allowed her to hear rather more of politics than she would on an ordinary basis. In this way she pieced together the story of her world from the time the exo-humans had emerged -- and began to act on it.

After some five years of betrayal and danger, Asha was deeply mistrustful of others and, though she sympathized with the Resistance and pleas for peace, chose to forge her own path. She also knew the distrust both humans and Hume-Leonals felt towards her kind, and had no doubt she would encounter it even were she to join a group supposedly indifferent to races. Instead of outwardly joining any one group, she began to cultivate the persona of Chocolate -- strategist, spy-for-hire and information broker -- a mercenary whose personal life was shrouded in shadows, who would take on any job but charged on basis of moral standing rather than difficulty, who everyone knew supported the Resistance but no one knew as much as the race of.

After some fifteen or so years in this guise, Asha is a hardened woman, dedicated to her lifestyle, but lonely, with a bleak outlook on the future. Few things faze her, but equally, few things move her, and she wants nothing more than the sort of love-filled life she lost as a child.


RP Sample
[from a gifted boarding school RP on a petsite.]

Tiago yawned and resisted the urge to doodle in his English notebook.

Perhaps it was strange, with him being artistic and all, but English had never been his forte subject. If he was being graded on something, he wanted to be graded concretely -- none of this wishy-washy well-it-might-be-a-perfectly-good-style-but-I-don't-like-it-so-you-get-a-C business. Besides, English teachers seemed intent on tearing perfectly good works of writing into tiny little pieces in order to examine the writhing innards of the helpless, beautiful, mutilated little --

Well, suffice to say that he disliked English immensely.

The Okapi Nibble sighed and propped his chin on his hands, forcing himself into at least a semblance of attention as he stared at the teacher. Dark bangs dropped into his eyes, and he blew them out of the way absently. Pale-skinned, wearing dark colors, with the bottom half of his brown hair dyed black, Tiago was, at best, an unfortunate attempt at teenage angst. That was, after all, what led him here -- between his artistic tendencies and blatant resentment for his cushy, conservative lifestyle, he and his parents hadn't gotten along well in years. At first, he'd actually been excited about coming to this place: if the idea of living in school hadn't appealed to him at all, the thought of living away from his parents most certainly had.

Unfortunately, he'd found out that the Academy was even worse than home. Talk about hell-on-earth.

All the other kids were interested in was fighting each other and making life miserable for him. Thick-headed, malicious nuts, the lot of them, and his peers made him look like a saint. Tiago wasn't sure why the teachers didn't stop the constant, low-level war that was being waged by most of the school -- if they were stupid, if they were paid for their silence, or if they just plain didn't care. The fact was, most of this school was busy either enjoying the torment of others or frantically trying to avoid torment. He'd only been here a month, and he was already sick of it.

But then, there were a few kids who didn't fit the norm -- and that was why Tiago was trying to (pretend to) pay attention. Most of the students here were either really rich or really poor; but Tiago had noticed some ten or fifteen kids who were perfectly ordinary middle-class citizens. They seemed to dislike the way the school was run as much as he did, they didn't seem like terrible troublemakers, and -- Tiago didn't understand what they were doing here. Despite the semblance of ordinariness, there was something...strange about them. Once or twice, Tiago had witnessed a bit of flash and bang when one of the gang-types tried to bully one of the normal-but-weird kids...somebody mysteriously doubled up as if punched, or a furry little monster came out of nowhere to attack the bully, or something.

No one else seemed to notice much...but Tiago was bored, and unhappy, and lonely. He was more observant than the average criminal, and he had nothing but his miseries to occupy his mind. So he'd decided to investigate.

He'd noticed, gradually, that the weird kids seemed to spend a lot of time talking to his English teacher. There were two or three of them in his English class, and he kept noticing how they'd go up to her after class, talk to her in a hushed voice. As a good beginning to his official first day of reconnaissance, he'd decided to watch Ms. Cymepkn very closely.

Of course, that was hard to do when she was being a normal English teacher and boring him to sleep...

. "...no healing power can save those already dead."
factionless leonal. 33, female. mercenary spy.
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Asha [revamp in progress]
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