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 Overview of the world

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PostSubject: Overview of the world   Sun May 09, 2010 2:02 pm

The world we are operating on currently consists of a single continent; we hope to further expand this as we grow. Here’s a quick rundown of the areas.

Continent of Senalaia

Controlling Faction: Paladins

Inhabited By: Hune-Leonals

Political State: Oligarchy

Important Info:
The land was given to the Hume-Leonals by the Blastonians as a method to remove them from their sight. After the collapse of the Blastonian civilization, the country expanded its border into the once large chunk of land. The Paladins have continued to attempt to expand its borders into the empty region that was formerly the Blastonain territory, but is now a major war front.

Capital: Paratye

Other Locations of Note:
Port Syzal: major trading port
Ny’Hur: A former Blastonian city, now the second biggest city in all of Dyuin.

War Fronts:
-- Northwest border, against Milch’yu
-- South west border, against Asaytil-Ithen

A large beach filled coast line on the southern edges; in the main land and northwards it’s mainly plains dotted with plateaus.


Controlling Faction: Minor Faction

Inhabited By: Humans

Political State: Monarchy

Important Info:
A smaller, human-controlled area that broke off from the Blastonian-controlled empire.

Capital: Forendell

Other Locations of Note:

War Front:
Whole country is on the verge of being conquered. [By? ~Asha]

A series of plateau-covered plains and savannahs.


Controlling Faction: None in control, but is allowing the Resistance to use the country as a refuge.

Inhabited By: Hume-Leonals

Political State: Democracy

Important Info:
Formerly part of Dyuin‘s claim, but the restless Hume-Leonal citizens, not getting the benefits from the main empire, declared their independence and the turned to the Resistance for help. This is more or less their revolutionary war.

Capital: Olfur

Other Locations of Note:
Resistance Base: The Resistance's current headquarters, hidden from the Paladin eye for the moment.

War Front:
Eastern area to the Asaytil border, where the remaining Paladin troops are attempting to bring down the rebels.

Highly mountainous; the eastern border is mainly a series of rock plains.


Controlling Faction: Fennic Order

Inhabited By: All races

Political State: Feudalism, with a small court at the head

Important Info:
Vassals of any races; the council also is a mix of the races; this is one of the few countries that has give the Draconics full freedom and citizenship.

Capital: Synfir

Other Locations of Note:
The Lord’s Spire: an ancient tower constructed as a monument to the destruction of the Blastonains by the Leonal and Human Lords. It now is a hiding place for surviving Leonal and a meeting place of the Fennic lords.

War Front:
All borders: only the center of the country is truly safe.

A highly woodsy land, with a strip of desert in the direction of Covental.


Controlling Faction: None; factions are warring for this territory

Inhabited By: All races; formerly, Blastonians

Political State: Anarchy

Important Info:
The former Blastonain Empire. The region has been left mainly uninhabited, save for a few people, since the collapse of the empire. Now it has become a tide-turning factor in the war.

Capital (for the):
Omega server: Covental
Paladins: Calisan

Other Locations of Note:
C’si and Kel’jin: Both are cites with no political leaders -- the population is mainly that of refugees and criminals. Factions are slowly beginning to gain power over these civilians.

War Front:
The whole territory -- a huge battle field for the Omega server and Paladins to fight each other

The area is situated in the valley of mountain range. The outer area is mainly mountains, with a large river valley in the center. The mountain range separates the plains of Dyuin and the waste Lands of Covenyt.



Controlling Faction: Omega Server

Inhabited By: Exo-humans, humans(?)

Political State: Totalitarian state with a computer at the head

Important Info:
The area was once a free human territory, but after the server took over it became a utopia of sorts: people have no worries of decisions and nothing to fear, without freedom.

Capital: Omega Systems

Other Locations of Note:
Civilian Complex 17: where the normal people live?
Exo-Base: The main train facility of the Exo-Humans, where they are born, raised, and prepared for war.

War Front:
All borders; the center is close to unreachable at the current point in time; no has yet reached a city.

An absolute waste land; the only areas that are not complete desert are those of the technologically advanced cites.


Arian empire

Controlling Faction: Aria Alliance

Inhabited By: Various races

Political State: Mixed governments working together

Important Info:
The empire is made up of a group of mixed races that banded together to keep their land safe; as a result, the culture is extremely versatile.

Capital: Aria

Other Locations of Note:
Zyztel: Former draconic capital; now a major base
QueSingel: A large trading city that was once neutral in the territory; now supplies the Alliance

War Front:
Borders inward: Slowly being invaded

The area is full of rainforests and steppes; it serves as a great are for hit and run tactics, if one knows the area.



Controlling Faction: Minor faction

Political State: Republic

Inhabited By: Draconics

Important Info:
The only Draconic territory, once a smaller tribe in the tribe lands, but grew enough to claim themselves an independent country

Capital: Uza

Other Locations of Note:

War Front:
Arian border

A highland region, slowly climbing in altitude until it reaches an aortic coast.


Hyushian Tribal Lands

Controlling Faction: None; a series of tribes and nomads

Political State: Tribal

Inhabited By: Leonals; various races

Important Info:
The origin of the great war of sorts, it was here 50 years ago that the omega server began to hunt the leonals, marking the outbreak of war.

Capital: N/A

Other Locations of Note

War Front:
Basically a Leonal hunting ground

It’s a large Savannah with a number of small marshes dotted throughout it.
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Overview of the world
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