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 Faction Summary

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PostSubject: Faction Summary   Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:15 am


The Omega Server

A computer-run society in which every aspect of the people's lives are run by a giant supercomputer. The computer is attempting to create a utopia for all races it deems worthy; in order for this to happen, all land must be under control of the Omega Server. As a result, this faction wages war on all other factions.

Government: A dominated super computer, with a human council that makes most of the decisions based on the computes guide lines.

Dominant race: Humans

Other Common Races: Exo-humans, and various others.

Exiled Races: Leonals

The Paladins

A society that combines connections with nature and advanced technology, the faction is lead by a council of Hume-Leonals, who warred with the other Factions to protect their land and people. As they fought, the council realized how powerful the civilization truly was and began to fight to gain more land and power. Over time, they became one of the most powerful civilizations in existence. Though powerful, the dominant race, The Hume-Leonals still have an instinctual hatred of Leonals, and cause the destruction of any that lie within their borders.

Government: Run by a council of Hume-Leonals, who make all the decision for the Faction, war-based or other wise.

Dominant Race: Hume-Leonals

Other Races: Various

Exiled Races: Leonals, Exo-Humans

The Resistance

A group of mixed races that have joined from all factions in an effort to stop the never-ending war. The group uses whatever they can get in ways of weapons and supplies. Though wanting to end the war, the Resistance has recently been accepting small amounts of supplies from the Omega Sever.

Government: Not much; only a head commander and whatever generals they appoint

Dominant Race: N/A

Other Races: All

Exiled Races: None

The Fennic Order

A group of mixed races that live in a feudal society, the faction does not fight a straight up war but instead sends out a few agents to "convert" people toward their ideals. These agents are considered extremely skilled and are prepared to to give "justice" to those who stand in their way...In a quite unnoticeable manner, of course.

Government: Feudal system with a head council

Dominant Race: Humans/Hume-Leonals

Other Races: All

Exiled Races: None

* only a few agents from the Fennic order will be allowed at this time*
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Faction Summary
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